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Wedding Hair & Makeup: Do's, Don'ts & Tips

Your wedding is likely the most photographed day of your life. With so much planning, hair and makeup can naturally take a back seat. When in reality, it's one of the parts you'll always look back on & be reminded of.

Here are a few dos, don'ts and tips to help guide you in making your special day as beautiful, stress-free and spectacular as you envisioned.

1. Have a Hair & Make-up Trial:

This is most likely the most important tip. This gives you total confidence you've chosen the perfect look and get exactly what you expect on the day of.

2. Wash & Dry your hair the day before:

This is an important step to ensure you achieve the best results.

Clean, dry hair will make your style last all day and night.

PS. If you have extra curly &/or frizzy hair, lightly straighten after washing/drying. This is a ruff straighten to prep your hair, it does NOT need to be perfect, over straightened or silky straight. The main goal is to remove a bit of curl and frizz to be more manageable.

3. Choose your lip color & texture

(Glossy, Matte, Cream)

I always recommend brides to have an idea of the kind of lip stick they would like beforehand. Go to the makeup counter of your favorite lippy brand and try a few. Take your favorites home and test them out to choose the one you'll go with on your special day. It's always best to have one with you in case you need to touch up after eating, drinking.

4. Drink lots of water:

Even though we should always drink lots of water, the week of or even earlier, if possible, drink lots and lots. Believe it or not the face and skin will show it and look plumper and more hydrated in pics.

5. Waterproof EVERYTHING:

This is a must! You never know how emotional you'll get or how this So Flo weather will be, especially if your venue is outdoors. Be prepared and always make sure your makeup artist is using waterproof!

Ps. One of the reasons we love Airbrush makeup so much is because of its extreme staying power!

6. Moisturize your face and skin:

Up your skin care routine the months leading up to the wedding. Including but not limited to, lots of moisturizing but especially the week of. Make sure you wash and moisturize the day of, prior to getting your makeup done with a oil-free moisturizer. Letting your skin soak up the moisture before application, is key.

7. Inspiration Photos

Narrow down your Hair/ Makeup goals with an Inspiration pic of each to show during your trail. This ensures your desired look is achieved and completely understood.

Ps. My brides love Pinterest to narrow down looks.

8. Touch-up bag

Give your maid of honor or bridesmaid a small wrist purse to carry for you with lipstick, powder, brush and any other necessities you'll need, just in case.

I hope these tips help you in preparation for your special day.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and an unforgettable Wedding Day.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


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