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Do you want longer, thicker hair?

More volume to boost your style?

Add pops of color?

All of the above?

 get ready to fall in love with Extensions!!

Our  versatile, non damaging methods will give you the hair of your dreams!

Tape Extensions

Fabulous for normal, fine, thinner hair.


These amazing extensions are super popular because of their non damaging application method, comfortable to wear, re-useable up to a year & so much more.


After the initial installation, your extensions need maintenance every 8-12 weeks,  but the hair itself  is reusable, up to a year with good home care.

Habit Hand-Tied Extensions

Fabulous for normal, thicker hair.


Habit Hand-Tied  Extensions are the HOTTEST method on the market today! They are applied in rows rather than individual stands, super comfortable & customized for you.



After the initial installation, your extensions need maintenance every 8 weeks,  but the hair itself  is reusable, up to 3x's!


Learn more about Extensions & how they can help you on our blog!

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Initial Installation             $175-$325

Includes relaxing clarifying Shampoo with massage, Initial Installation, Extension blending & Blow-dry Style.

8-12 Week Maintenance            $175-$325

Includes Extension Removal, relaxing Shampoo with massage, Re-Installation & Blow-dry Style.

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Hair Extension Care


Washing Tips:

 DO NOT wash/ shampoo/wet hair for at least 48 hrs after Extension application.

  • Brush hair before shampooing to prevent matting.

Recommended brush- The Wet Brush

  • Shampoo hair once or twice a week.

Recommended shampoo- Olaplex #4 for normal/dry hair or Custom Extension Shampoo for oily hair

  • Deep Condition each wash or at least 1x a week.

Recommended Treatment- Olaplex #3 & Olaplex #8​ 

(Mist water on mids and ends to dampen just slightly, do not soak. Then, add Olaplex #3 to mids and ends and leave for at least 10 mins, the longer the better, up to 30 mins. Rinse, Shampoo, Add Olaplex #8 for up to 10 mins, rinse and lastly condition.)

When Conditioning and deep conditioning hair avoid the root area!

Recommended conditioner- Olaplex ​#5

  • Do NOT leave your hair in a towel on top of your head

  • A satin pillowcase will help you avoid tangles and frizz. Plus, it helps keep your style fresh for the next day.

Styling, Blow Dry & Curling Tips:

  • Apply heat protectant & leave-in conditioner to your hair and extensions after each wash, avoiding root area.

  • Recommended products- Olaplex #7 oil & Matrix Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Treatment

  • After washing blow-dry root area, even if air drying. (I always recommend styling after washing to enjoy the long-lasting style benefits of extensions.)

  • Use low/medium heat, especially near the root.

  • Dry in a downward motion to keep the cuticle smooth

  • Do not overuse hairspray, use very little if needed.

  • Dry Shampoo is your new best friend.

 Fewer shampoos keep extensions looking amazing, longer!

Recommended dry shampoo- Depends on your hair type, reach out for specific product recommendations for your specific hair type and needs.


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