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Best of: Gift Giving Guide

This year has been insane to say the least but one thing that we are all anticipating is the holiday feels. Even though this year will be totally different than what we are used to, gift giving is here to help us spread holiday cheer to those who need it the most.

Below are my top favorite brands + items, I absolutely adore and I know you will too. Best part is, these gifts are not only good for the holidays but also any time you want to give a gift that will be unique and one of a kind.

#1: The Lady Riot

Get ready for this gem, my ultimate favorite online boutique. The owner of Lady Riot, Chelsea is an absolute mastermind when it comes to styling + unique pieces. Her shop includes the RADDEST clothing, shoes, accessories and her unique line of 'Lady Riot Original Tees'. Don't know the size? No problem, get a Gift Card and you're done! Each Friday at 10am EST she drops a new collection of merch on the website so trust me a gift card from here is pure magic! To top it all off, each order is shipped super fast, like lightening speed fast!

Also, do yourself a favor + follow her on Instagram @TheLadyRiot for all the good vibes+ fashion!

#2 Vanity Planet Facial Steamer

This steamer has completely transformed my skin care routine! Obsessed is an understatement! This steamer helps you detox & cleanse your skin like a professional. No matter your skin type, this steamer will clear pores and stimulate circulation. I use this before applying my favorite mask, treatment or serum because with your pores clear, you'll be more receptive to any skincare treatment. Best part is, you can add in your favorite essential oil and treat yourself with a trip to your very own personal sauna. Now that's a win, win. I promise you every woman in your life will absolutely love this!!! Vanity Planet also has so many other amazing tools and sets!

PLUS: Right now you can use code "BFCYBER" for 50% off!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out below!

Shop here: Facial Steamer

#3: Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

I recently found this amazing whitening kit that includes an LED light for optimum results & you guys, its changed my teeth game! Its super easy to use and gives you 6 months of the whitest teeth with this kit.

(You can also get a 12 month kit for flawless teeth all year long.) No more expensive treatments or sensitive teeth. This professional treatment will quickly become a staple in your home. But wait there is more.. save 20% with code' BRIGHT20' or 'December25' for 25% off all orders $100 or more on any kit or products Get ready for your best smile yet!

Shop here:

#4: The Bend Soap Company

I know what you're thinking... soap? lol but this isn't just any ordinary soap! This soap is completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic and only has a few amazing ingredient's to help nourish and soothe your skin. From new born babies to psoriasis or any other skin condition that needs some care, this amazing soap will dramatically help your skin & health! They also have a variety of soaps with essential oils like 'All Shield', if you love 'Thieves' or 'On guard', this is a must have, especially, these days! Bend Soap also has an amazing collection of lotions, scrubs, lip butters, all-natural deodorant, gift sets & so much more! This is a staple in my home, since my son has super sensitive skin, to say its worked wonders is an understatement!

Shop the amazing collection at:

Right now, the entire site is 20% off, no code needed!!!!

#5 Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine

This one is a MUST HAVE! Especially if you're always rushing to Starbucks or Dunkin in the morning like me. This small, compact machine is amazing, especially if you're into specialty espresso's, double shots, cortaditos etc. & it wouldn't be an Espresso machine without that signature foam on top. My favorite thing about this machine is the Starbucks pods to switch up the flavors, YUM!

(I found this great deal on Amazon for this machine but you can find it many places!)

I hope you enjoyed our gifting giving guide for the holidays + new year ahead! Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays and a healthy new year!

See you soon,

Janine The Hairstylist

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