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Beyond Your Expectations...

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

How would you like a designated place where you can find Beauty Secrets, Styling tips & tricks, hair essentials, the best products ever and learn So. MUCH. MORE about your hair??

Well you've found it!

Beyond Hair Expectations is all that and more!

I have a immensely growing passion for my career & i am so excited to share with you all my journey.

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Janine Machado aka Janine The Hairstylist. I currently live in Belle Glade, Florida (about 20 minutes west from West Palm Beach, Florida). I am a Full time Mama to an amazing 9 year old boy and own a Boutique Hair Salon, that i am obsessed with!

Before i was in the Beauty Industry, i was in the Medical Field, i was amazing at.. but it wasn't fueling my fire. I took the leap, quit my full time job and with the help of my amazing father, i was back in school for my Cosmetology degree. I quickly realized this was for me... Before i graduated, i was hired as a Special Events Assistant then before i knew it, i was a lead Hairstylist at my dream salon!

A few years later, i opened Janine The Hairstylist, INC. , Long story short.. Don't ever feel like something isn't possible... EVERYTHING & ANYTHING is possible, YOU just have to believe it !!!!

In this modern day, being a Hairstylist is so much more than giving a bomb haircut or properly blending, its about educating!! I hope to inspire you, educate you and add a little bit of sparkle to your already amazing life!

Which leads me, right here.. today... This is just the beginning & the BEST is yet come! Join me on this amazing journey we call life, you never know what kind of amazing things are going to happen! ( & Yes, i will share those with you too!) :)


Janine The Hairstylist

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