10 easy steps to grow long, healthy hair!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Managing long hair can be a hassle & trying to keep it healthy is another!

These 10 easy step will help your hair flourish into the beautiful, long locks you deserve.

Step 1:

Get your hair trimmed regularly.

If you do not trim your split ends they will continue to split upwards, creating even more breakage. For my long hair clients, i recommend a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep the hair fresh and split end free!

Step 2:

Reduce hot tool usage

Reducing the heat intake of your hair will dramatically changes the health. Use heat tools a few days out of the week, then embrace your natural hair for a few days. The more natural days the better! This will help your hair increase moisture and shine!

Step 3:

Use Heat Protectant

Always add a heat protectant, even if you aren't using a hot tool. Exactly like your skin, your hair can burn from the sun's strong rays. Add a great heat protectant to your daily styling routine and reap the amazing benefits! Here is my favorite Heat Protectant: https://www.janinethehairstylist.com/product-page/biolage-r-a-w-heat-styling-primer